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Kayak on Lake Natoma, the American River or Folsom Lake in California
Kayaking on Lake Natoma

Dive into the American River, Lake Natoma & Folsom Lake in California!

With easy access to three water recreation areas, it’s no surprise that water fun is a way of life in Folsom. Whether at Folsom Lake, Lake Natoma or the American River, rafting, wakeboarding, water skiing and other water sports are available for your enjoyment. If you’d rather stay dry, you can lounge on one of the swimming beaches or catch a bird’s eye view of the waterways from the scenic trails, that wind through Folsom, such as the American River bike trail. Enjoy water recreation and sports at the American River, Lake Natoma, and Folsom Lake in California.

SCUBA Diving

Why just play on the water when you can also play under it?  We’ve got a rich underwater world to discover and enjoy with both our nearby lakes and the American River itself.  Folsom Lake and Lake Natoma offer fantastic diving opportunities with plenty of underwater wildlife, alien landscapes, and even a chance for a little treasure hunting to add to the excitement.  For history buffs it’s possible to dive  near Mormon Island and cruise along the old foundations of the town that was flooded there when the dam was built.  For more on local diving opportunities, visit HERE.